Hi! My name is Cristina, and I love teevee.

As a student of Communication Arts with a concentration in Radio/Television/Film and Digital Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I can claim a tiny bit of legitimacy for my TV criticism. Lots of people are talking about TV these days–some have called this post-network era the “New Golden Age” of television. I try to interrogate the idea of “quality TV” by examining the business and cultural dimensions that complicate the medium. I loved TV since before it was cool (is it cool to love TV yet?). As a latch-key kid, I was practically raised by television. Problematic parenting aside, coming of age during the multichannel transition enabled me to experienced first-hand the digital revolution (is it a revolution?). Not a tech-phobic live watcher, not quite a digital native; if you caught my allusion to that Britney Spears song, you’re probably of the same generation as me. I think we’re lucky, having been raised without Tiny Tutor videos, but not so far removed that we can’t make the DVR work for us. The big changes in the television industries feel organic to me. I’ll explore the cultural impact of motion pictures, entertainment ethics, review new and old shows, and generally wax philosophical about TV. If you’d like to discuss, holler at me on twitter @babyelderly.